Monday, November 23, 2009

Movies, Keep Your Legs Closed!

Part 2: The Previews and My Opinions on Them.

Booo. Cheesy. "You don't scare me, John." I don't like this trailer. Channing Tatum + A chick named Savanna + "I miss you so much is hurts" + soldier thing = BOO.  Not to mention, the whole "Don't I scare you thing?" is a little rip off Twilight. Just saying. I was kind of expecting him to be like I'M A VAMPIRE but then he was all I'M A SOLDIER and I was let down inside.

On the plus side I like the song in this trailer. It is called "Sets Fire to the Third Bar" by Snow Patrol ft. some chick named Martha.

So basically, the moment Robert Pattinson came on the screen, every girl in the theater gasped and squealed. But that doesn't matter because I am genuinely interested in this movie. I mean, the whole dangerous-misunderstood-poet-thing is way overdone but I like it. Just look at Mr. Darcy. He was the original misunderstood sexy hero love-interest. It never gets old for me. It could be a let down, but I have high hopes.

Okay, equally cheesy. I mean, Amanda Seyfried, pleease you can do so much better. Not to mention, uh, this trailer basically tells the entire story. There is no mystery. Also, predictable song with the Taylor Swift pick. I might end up seeing this just because I love cheesy crap like this, but I have no respect for it whatsoever. It's not even creative cheesy love crap!

This scared me shitless. It was a little shrooms with a lot of the beautiful, Salvador Dali looking visuals but in general it was cool. But the next door neighbor murderer is a CREEPERR. And I jumped a mile when I was watching the trailer and he finds the sister in the basement. Frankly I'm intrigued by this.  My only critisism... Stop revealing everything in the trailers! These movies are like Britney Spears with her vagina hanging out. It loses the mystery and therefore the credibility.

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