Monday, November 23, 2009

"Have you ever had a secret you couldn't tell anyone?" -- Jacob Black

Oh, Jake, of course I have.

I am talking about my closet Twilight obsession.  People really hate Twilight a lot of the time. I say, "Why hate?" I am big on loving things for what they are.  And if Twilight is going to be an angsty testament to teenaged girls addiction to sexy guys that will never exist in reality, let alone both be in love with you at the same time, then so be it.  I will revel in the completely improbable perfection of Jacob Black. (And yes, I am Team Jacob)

This is Part 1 of my own personal Twilight Saga, if you will. It is called Part Uno: The Anticipation.

For weeks and weeks, I was peeing myself over this movie. I absolutely love midnight shows. I have been to every midnight showing for Harry Potter, the midnight showings of Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and 3, the midnight showing for Twilight, along with the midnight book openings for the Harry Potters and Twilights. Now, I was planning on adding New Moon to my list of midnight madness. There is something about being only alive on caffeine and giddy with excitment in the middle of the night that makes these things fun.  Its that novelty of staying up late when you're little. It's the mischief and the break from your usual schedule that is so exciting.

So from these experiences, I had learned that buying your tickets the day before worked perfectly fine.  Uh, not so true for Twilight.

I found it a little ridiculous that all eleven theaters were sold out a week before the movie was to open. Okay, a lot ridiculous considering the man told me that they had been sold out for two weeks and a half already.  And I though to  myself, "Two and a half weeks ago I was worried about my homework and field hockey and what clothes I would wear the next day! Not New Moon!"

I was instantly depressed to know all my friends would be seeing it in the excitement of the midnight show. And I would not.

A miracle then occurred. On the day of the midnight show, a friend of mine said that they had an extra ticket and in exchange for just ten dollars, it would be MINE. Naturally, I jumped up and down and screamed in triumph like the silly teenaged girl that I am.

I went to the midnight show of New Moon. I was interviewed for a segment of my towns local channel called Monthy Rewind in which I stood awkwardly in a Burger King crown that had pictures of Bella and Edward on it and talked about how excited I was and that yes it was rainy and yes I would still be sitting out here for the next two rainy hours. My friends and I had formed a circle of warmth with our foldable chairs and picnic blankets. We were playing Yahtzee and Catch Phrase and passing around a Seventeen Magazine that had morphed from the amount of water damage that had occured to it.  We were eating cheese and crackers and speculating about just how insane Catherine Hardwicke was and whether she smoked crack while creating Twilight, which to us had been only mediocre in comparison to the books which we obsess over.  Half of us senior, half of us juniors, we were all members of NHS and popular citizens of our school, regular attendees of football games and wearers of stylish trends and cute shoes. 

And yet we were dorkily camped outside Regal Theater at 8:00 ready for a hell of a wait for this one stupid movie.

But oh, it was a blast.

By the time we were led in, we were shell-shocked, ready to keel over from lack of sleep, and feeling like we'd just survived a particularly nasty Civil War battle. They made us file in like we were in our school auditorium and I really got pissed about the poor management of the entire event. (But I will not go into that; that is a rant for another day my friends.)  Some annoying chick named Marcella kicked my friend out because she was trying to save seats for her sisters. Our large group got over it, probably too lacking in energy to defend justice.  We waited a half an hour extra than we had originally expected, considering the movie started at 12:30 and our tickets said 12:01.  This woke us all up momentarily as we were roused by the frustration of having waited six friggen hours in the rain. We wanted the friggen movie to come on already.

Well, this was more the general feeling of those in my group. I, on the other hand, was curled into a ball having made the mistake of wearing peddle-pushers. My poor ankles were freezing and wet and I was shivering in the frigid air-conditioning of the movie theater.  I was dozing just slightly, keeping one eye open to be sure the movie didn't start without me.

The lights suddenly went down. My ranting friends hushed and every head in the theater perked.

It was coming..

And then..... Previews.
some eye candy for you.

mmmmm. love him.

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